Mission. Done. Together.

Rugged Motor Control Systems for Extreme Environments

ESI Motion offers high performance revolutionary products for rugged applications in a compact package which is light, scalable and incredibly powerful. Our reliable modular servo drives and control systems, which are fielded on both commercial and defense applications, come complete with full engineering services and documentation.

ESI Motion’s value is in the details. We don’t just provide products – we provide a full service and work with you from start to finish on your project. Since 2004 our company has been delivering advanced technical products to companies and laboratories around the world. Our approach to customer service and technical support distinguishes us at every stage.

You can depend on ESI Motion for support services such as:

  • Custom modification of servo drive system packaging, feedback options, and other features
  • Continuous customer support throughout the development and deployment process
  • Thorough and accurate documentation, including AS9100D Certification
  • Rigorous testing and application of necessary standards
  • Product development consultation

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