RMA Request Form

    Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form




    1) This RMA expires in 60 days from the date of issue.
    2) All products must be returned to ESI prior to the expiration date.
    3) Return shipment(s) should include the product, copy of the RMA form and a copy of the PO.
    4) Credits/Offsets will not be processed until warranty status is confirmed.
    5) ESI reserves the right to disassemble and evaluate, without customer authorization, returned items to determine warranty status, unless otherwise specified in original client contract.
    6) If a non-conforming issue is determined not to be the responsibility of ESI, ESI allows 14 days to respond to our notification for disposition or material will be returned in “as-is” condition (evaluation and shipping fees may apply).
    7) Regardless of warranty or fault, all returned merchandise will be assessed an evaluation fee of $500 for servo drive modules and $1500 for servo drives, which does not include the cost for repair, formal reports, shipment fees, taxes or any other items. This evaluation fee may be waived by SELLER Representative. BUYER shall issue Purchase Order to accommodate such evaluation fee prior to issuance of RMA number.
    8) All returns must be shipped from the original SHIP TO address. ESI will not accept international returns sold to domestic clients, nor accepts responsibility for any export or shipping financial, export, legal or other obligations including government tariffs, fees, taxes, shipment costs, or any other related export or shipment duties.
    9) All RMA shipments must reference the RMA number on the outside of the packaging exterior and include the completed RMA form on the packaging interior.
    10) ESI retains the authority to return shipments, which do not follow these Terms.

    *By clicking submit, you hereby confirm that you are an authorized company representative and you accept these terms and conditions