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ESI Motion To Be One Of 50 Businesses at the JPL Suppliers Fair

PASADENA, California, October 2nd, 2018: Jet Propulsion Laboratory will be hosting its 22nd
Annual Small Business Suppliers Fair in Pasadena, California from 10:00am to 2:00pm. Some of
the core targeted capabilities of this fair will include Space and Ground Communications, Sensor
Instrument Technology, Robotics and more!

ESI Motion provides rugged servo drives for many applications. Aerospace and Space Systems
are two of the largest industries ESI Motion provides servo drive systems for, providing reliability
and satisfaction. ESI invites everyone attending the JPL Suppliers Fair to come speak with us.
JPL’s Annual Small Business Supplier Fair is one of the leading events of the year in which
businesses have the opportunity to showcase their products and services to everyone in the
NASA/JPL Acquisition and Technical community.

About ESI Motion: Close to the JPL Supplier Fair, ESI Motion is located in Simi Valley, CA, a
short drive from Pasadena. We pride ourselves on producing top-of-the-line servo drive
technology to some the industries that depend on them the most. ESI Motion focuses on creating
technology that isn’t only powerful, but rugged and durable as well. ESI Motion is an AS9100D
certified company and works every day to provide the best technology and customer support in
the industry. For more information on ESI Motion, visit our website today: