How to Select an Electric Actuator

Actuators are critical for making complex systems work, and to ensure effectiveness, choosing the right one for the application is paramount. While hydraulic actuators are great for the power they can exert and pneumatic actuators offer a quick, highly responsive form of control, electric actuators are widely versatile and easy to maintain because they don’t…

How to Select a DC Motor

DC motors are vital components to any motion system – they provide the initial power and impetus to make the whole thing work. However, for optimal function, reliability and lifetime, it is critical to select the right motor for the job. When selecting a DC motor for your own application, you will need to understand…

How to Select a Clutch or Brake

Clutches and brakes are critical to motor driven servo drive systems, helping to transfer torque and stop rotational loads, respectively. However, it’s important to pick the right tool for the job, as each motion control system will require a different kind of clutch, brake, or combination, and that means keeping a few factors in mind….