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Delivering quality servo drive system components, engineering solutions, and support documentation is among our company's most noteworthy characteristics. ESI Motion also prioritizes exceptional customer service and has modeled our approach to this essential aspect of support since 2004. To make acquiring the perfect innovative technical solutions for your laboratory or firm even simpler, we have developed a selection of downloadable software, mechanical model examples, and supplemental information.

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The software and supplemental material our team has developed is designed to support clients meet the demands distinctive to their particular projects. We have an extensive history of providing technically precise off-the-shelf and customized servo drive technology to numerous high-tech industries, including:

Our library of downloadable software and informational items can help your team discover the dynamic range of function our servos can help deliver. In minutes, you can begin exploring the ease of use, precision, and technical accuracy that an ESI Motion servo drive system offers to your equipment design.

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In addition to providing an exceptional range of quality off-the-shelf system components, we also offer numerous customization features that can be built into the servos we provide. Different levels of ruggedization allow clients to choose components that are perfectly suited to extreme environments of all kinds. Packaging, cooling, feedback options, and other parameters can be adjusted to meet the specifications of any project. Our engineers deliver industry-leading solutions; ESI Motion is a leader among Fortune 500 companies in terms of customer satisfaction. We are confident that we can develop critical solutions to your technical challenges.

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Host Interface for DRAGON Servo Controller (HiDS)

Software Documentation

RS422 interface specification for DRAGON Servo Controller

Release Notes - Host Interface for DRAGON Servo Controller

Brochure - PC Interface

Mechanical Model Example

DRAGON Servo Controller Case

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