What Is a Servo Drive?

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At ESI Motion, we design and manufacture extremely powerful, light weight, rugged and high performance motor control systems to excel in every industry. Our servo drives and modules are specially designed to maximize power and durability while minimizing space and weight in extreme temperatures and harsh environments. We offer servo drives that can be customized to fit any unique requriement or standard drives that perform as turnkey solutions in any application. However, in order to select the right servo drive for your project, it is critical to have a detailed understanding of what they are and how they function.

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At its simplest, a servo drive is an electronic amplifier with a built-in feedback control mechanism. The drive receives a command signal from a control system then provides a modulated voltage to a servo motor. The drive then receives information on the actual position of the servo motor from built-in sensors, compares the actual position of the motor to its desired position, and adjusts the voltage frequency or pulse width of its signal to correct for any deviation in the desired position.

In short, a servo drive is a mediator between a control mechanism and the motor that performs the controlled function. They can be used between throttles and jet engines, helping to ensure that the engine actually delivers the exact amount of thrust the pilot is inputting; between an aiming system and the motor controlling a cannon on a tank, ensuring that the position of the cannon arm exactly matches the tank operators' controls; or between a rotating camera on a Mars rover and Mission Control on Earth, ensuring that even from 401 million kilometers away, the camera position exactly matches operator specifications.

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ESI Motion designs and manufacture servo drives to perform in the toughest, most rugged operating environments imaginable. From the zero-pressure, frigid cold environment of deep space to high-temperature, in energy applications in oil & gas extraction, our servo drives are sealed to IP67 standards and designed to perform optimally in the hardest of operating environments. If you would like to find out more about our servo drives or discuss your own motor control needs, feel free to view our full line of products, or call us at 800.823.3235.

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