Vulcan Series Drives

Extreme Thermal Range Servo Control System

ESI Motion’s Vulcan Servo Drive Line offers the most thermally resistant, high-temperature, and fully ruggedized servo control module. The Vulcan line is an integrated solution, with advanced features in a “plug and play” capable package. The Vulcan drive marries ESI’s rugged control systems with the equally durable power driver module, then adds integrated EMI filters, inrush limiters, military grade connections and seals, and a fully submersible case. The resulting product is an extremely ruggedized servo control package with unmatched performance.

A Rugged Servo That Can Take The Heat


The Vulcan can withstand temperatures up to 121 degrees Celsius, and operates efficiently at extremely high voltages, which make it ideal for use in defense projects, energy, oil and gas, aviation and automotive, or heavy industrial machinery that must continue to perform at full capacity even in the most brutal conditions. This casing is suited for outdoor, high temperature, high vibration, or other extreme environmental and mission critical applications.

Devices that require the high temperature and voltage ranges offered by the Vulcan line cover a wide range, from oil refinery and production plants, to jet engines in aircraft and marine vehicles. The rugged construction, watertight enclosures, and reinforced electrical connections make this servo controller an ideal fit for corrosive and thermally demanding situations. Our engineers will work with you to match the Vulcan to your exact needs, giving you a small but durable servo drive solution.

Features Of The Vulcan Line Include

  • High Ambient Temperature Performance Up To 121°C – A wide operating temperature for expanded applicability.
  • Single Or Dual Axis Configuration – Control more complex systems without adding unnecessary size or weight.
  • Shock And Vibration Tolerant Construction – Built to withstand running conditions unsuitable for similar equipment.
  • High Strength, Military Style Connectors (DS38999) – Ensures system wide functionality regardless of environmental factors, including dust and water.
  • MIL-STD-461 EMI Filter – Signals are protected from interference by military grade protection systems fully integrated with the Vulcan system.
  • Active Inrush Limiter – Safety and reliability are paramount, and a variety of protection systems appear natively on Vulcan line drives.
  • Regeneration Switch – Energy and power management solutions are included, giving Vulcan equipped applications an edge over more limited systems.
  • Configurable, User Friendly Interface With Enhanced Data Collection – Record and monitor performance activity through a PC GUI designed to be incredibly powerful yet easy to use.

Vulcan Standard Options

Bus Voltage 610V
Peak Current Up to 65 Amps
Output Power 12 Kilowatts
Temperature -40°C to 121°C
Electrical Speed Up To 75,000 RPM
Weight 11.5lbs or 5.2kg
Motor Types DC Brushless, Brushed, and Induction
Feedback Options Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS
Cooling Options Chassis, Fan, or Liquid
Packaging Ruggedized, Semi Rugged, and Industrial

Vulcan Series Datasheet
Vulcan Series Brochure
Vulcan Controller User Manual

Speak With An ESI Motion Engineer

If your project could benefit from the Vulcan line of servo drive controllers, or you have further questions about custom configurations or capabilities, we have an engineer ready to work with your team. Our engineering team can speak directly with your team to determine specific technical needs and help design a solution that fits your needs perfectly. Give ESI Motion a call or email today to set up a consultation, and see how we can help you take your applications to the next level!



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