Roadwind Series Drives

High Speed & High Current Servo Solution

High-speed servo applications often require a unique set of capabilities that are beyond what’s available in most of today’s drives. Fortunately, ESI’s Roadwind line of drives is designed for exactly this area, offering unmatched power density, speed ratings, and packaged in ESI Motion’s ruggedized casing.

An Integrated Drive System For Demanding Conditions


The Roadwind line is suitable for a wide variety of applications including ground defense, automotive, and specialized industrial projects. As with other ESI Motion drives, the Roadwind is a plug-and-play controller with a simple but powerful interface, and is built to survive extreme conditions. Unlike other drives, this power-dense controller functions at speeds of up to 300,000 RPM and currents of 300 Amps.

Ideal for both military and civilian use, the Roadwind line opens the door to large, high-velocity systems including hybrid and hybrid-electric vehicles, aeronautics, and industrial machinery and manufacturing. Prior to the Roadwind, the power and speed demands often drastically exceeded the abilities of today’s servo controllers.

Main Features Of The Roadwind Drive:

  • High Speed Performance – Up to 300K RPM, far beyond any other drive system.
  • Peak Current Up To 300 Amps – Incredibly high power density, making the Roadwind suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • Multi-axis Configuration – Control multiple axis at high speed with a single controller.
  • Shock And Vibration Tolerant Construction – ESI Motion’s trusted, military grade ruggedized housing for extreme durability.
  • High Power Density – Incredible speed and power ratings in a compact package.
  • Active Inrush Limiter – Protection suitable for system-critical applications.
  • Configurable, User Friendly GUI – Powerful control in a simple to use interface.
  • PC Interface With Enhanced Data Collection Capability – Monitor and optimize performance easily.

Roadwind Standard Options

Bus Voltage 12V to 56V
Peak Current Up to 300 Amps
Output Power 5 Kilowatts
Temperature -40°C to 71°C
Electrical Speed Up To 300,000 RPM
Weight 8.1 lbs. or 3.7 kg
Motor Types DC Brushless, Brushed, and Induction
Feedback Options Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS
Cooling Options Chassis, Fan, or Liquid
Packaging Ruggedized, Semi Rugged, and Industrial

Roadwind Series Brochure
Roadwind Controller User Manual

Let The ESI Engineers Customize The Roadwind For You

Our rugged servo drives will get your attention, but our engineering team and personalized service is what truly sets us apart. When you speak with an ESI Motion engineer you will have the opportunity to design a system to fit your specific needs and requirements. Our team is committed to helping you ensure success by providing dedicated support to your team. Find out why ESI Motion is a world leader today!







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