Hyperion Drives

High Voltage & High Speed Servo Control

Designed for defense, automotive, energy, and specialized industrial applications, the Hyperion drive line is ESI Motion’s “plug and play” solution for high power requirements. Vehicles and machinery with extreme voltage requirements and motor speeds, there are limited control options that balance size and capability. The Hyperion offers a solution for this, giving your project an extreme duty drive controller in a small and surprisingly lightweight package.

Maximum Power Density & Durability


With its compact casing, the Hyperion offers unrivaled power density ratings of up to 100 Kilowatts, and can handle up to 800 volt systems and motors up to 240,000 RPM. As with other ESI systems, the Hyperion is resilient to harsh environments as well, and remains efficient throughout a wide temperature range as well as being movement and shock tolerant.

Typical use for servo drives of this caliber include high speed automotive use, like performance race cars, as well as energy recovery and control platforms such as solar power grids. In many cases a larger, heavier unit would reduce efficiency, impede performance, or simply not survive the demanding environment.

Hyperion Performance Overview

  • Very High Output Power To 100 kW – Control systems with voltage and energy levels that would bring other controllers to their knees.
  • High Speed Performance To 240,000 RPM – Accuracy and extreme performance in high velocity applications.
  • Single Axis Configuration – Dedicated control for mission critical systems.
  • Shock And Vibration Tolerant Construction – Unparalleled durability with military grade construction.
  • High Power Density – Extreme capabilities in a lightweight, compact casing.
  • Configurable, User Friendly GUI – Set up, monitor, and control the Hyperion easily.
  • PC Interface With Enhanced Data Collection Capability – Record performance data for analysis and system improvement.

Hyperion Standard Options

Bus Voltage 300V to 800V
Peak Current 150 to 250 Amps
Output Power 100 Kilowatts
Temperature -40°C to 80°C
Electrical Speed Up To 240,000 RPM
Weight 9.8lbs or 4.5kg
Motor Types DC Brushless, Brushed, and Induction
Feedback Options Sensorless and Resolver
Cooling Options Liquid
Packaging Ruggedized

Hyperion Series Datasheet
Hyperion Series IGS
Hyperion Series Brochure
Hyperion Controller User Manual

Put Hyperion To Work For You

If your application requires a servo drive controller that can handle high speed and power without the bulk, the Hyperion's design may be just the solution you are seeking. Contact ESI Motion's engineering team to discuss your specific needs, and we will help you design and build a drive system unlike any other. Never settle for moderate performance, demand the extreme capability of ESI's ruggedized servo drive systems and custom engineered solutions!


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