Servo Drives

Find The Perfect Servo Drive For Every Application

ESI Motion’s rugged servo drives lines are designed to improve delivery time and reduce costs without sacrificing quality. Ideal for ground defense, aerospace, naval and specialized industrial applications, each line can be further customized based on your specific needs, or used as a turnkey solution. Our integrated modular systems combine all critical functions into a single unit that is lightweight and rugged. We offer multiple configurations for each line that can be suited to various environmental conditions including high temperature, high voltage and high-speed applications.

Fully Integrated Ruggedized Servo Drives

Designed for defense and specialized industrial applications, our fully integrated servo drive lines offer the most robust configurations. Available with military grade connectors and submersible cases, the Dragon, Vulcan and Roadwind lines offer lightweight, versatile plug and play capabilities for rapid deployment and integration. For systems that demand adaptable, lower-cost drives that can still function in high speed and high temperature environments, our Wolverine Line drives achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability. These plug-and-play servo drives offer a wide range of configurations, shock and vibration resistance, and incredible speed and temperature tolerance. When projects have specific needs in terms of high speed and high power, our Hyperion Line really excels above the rest! Used on Formula One and other high power applications, these drives are a true achievement in engineering and provide incredible power and compact size and weight. It is the only ruggedized high power drive you can lift with one hand available on the market today.

Compact Servo Drive Modules

The Mite family of servo drive modules really shine! Our famous Dual Axis Mite servo drive matches the abilities of larger, more expensive servos in a package no bigger than your wallet. These drives are generally for high performing companies looking to package their own electronics or develop their own control systems. Available in single and dual axis, they are smaller, more lightweight and higher power density than any drives on the market.

Compare Drive Specifications By The Numbers

See how each of our lines compares, and find out what line suits your needs.

Servo Drive Modules

 Mighty Mite Servo DriveScorpion-20151216-300SingleAxisMite-3
Bus Voltage (DC) 10V - 170V 100V to 865V 10V to 170V
Peak Current Up to 80 Amps Up to 80 Amps Up to 40 Amps
Output Power 2kW 24kW 2kW
Temperature -40° - 71° C
Extended -55° - 100° C (optional)
-40° - 71° C
Extended -55° - 100° C (optional)
-40° - 71° C
Extended -55° - 100° C (optional)

Electrical Speed Up to 75,000 RPM Up to 75,000 RPM Up to 75,000 RPM
Weight 3.7oz (105g) 1 lb. (453 g) 1.46oz (41.5g)


 Wolverine Servo DriveDragon Servo Drive
Specifications Compact
Bus Voltage (DC) 12V - 450V 24V - 610V
Peak Current Up to 65 Amps Up to 80 Amps
Output Power 12kW 12kW
Temperature -55° - 110° C -40° - 71° C
Electrical Speed Up to 75,000 RPM Up to 75,000 RPM
Weight 2.7lbs (1.2kg) 6.4lbs (2.9kg)


 Vulcan Servo DriveRoadwind Servo DriveHyperion-20151216w300
Specifications High-Temperature
Bus Voltage (DC) 610V 12V - 56V 300V - 800V
Peak Current Up to 65 Amps Up to 300 Amps 150 - 250 Amps
Output Power 12kW 5kW 100kW
Temperature -40° - 121° C -40° - 71° C -40° - 80° C
Electrical Speed Up to 75,000 RPM Up to 300,000 RPM Up to 240,000 RPM
Weight 11.5lbs (5.2kg) 8.1lbs (3.7kg) 9.8lbs (3.5kg)


Available Options 
Motor Types DC Brushless, Brushed, and Induction
Feedback Options Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS
Cooling Options Chassis, Fan, or Liquid Cooled
Packaging Ruggedized, Semi-Rugged, and Industrial


What Capabilities Do You Need?

Whether you need a fully customized solution from our engineering team, or need quick delivery, or integration of an existing configuration, ESI Motion’s servo drives can complete your project with unmatched reliability and performance. Contact the ESI Motion team to review your exact requirements and find the solution for your needs!






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