Engineering Services

ESI’s End-to-End Design, Analysis & Support

Committed To More Than Simply Manufacturing Hardware!

Our servo control systems are designed to be used in high-demand applications, and often demand a long lifespan with years of dependable use. Unlike many manufacturers in the industry we have placed special attention on the engineering, design, and analysis portion of the manufacturing process, along with the documentation and support that follows.

The hardware represents a big portion of our service, but our clients deserve a more comprehensive partner, and we offer the following services for every servo drive design!

Initial Design & Engineering Consultation

From the moment your team is in contact with ESI’s engineering team, our experts will work closely to design a servo drive that meets – and exceeds – your specifications. From basic off-the-shelf modifications to completely customized equipment, our team will ensure that your systems function properly and your team fully understands the servo drive system.

‐ Our Engineering Design Services include:
  • Modified Off The Shelf (MOTS) Solutions
  • Modified Packaging
  • Modified Connector Selection
  • Modified I/O Interface
  • Software Configuration for Specific Communication Protocol Requirements
‐ Comprehensive Engineering Analysis
  • Thermal Analysis
  • Vibrations Analysis
  • EMI Conductive Analysis
  • EMI Susceptibility Analysis
  • Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)
  • Derating Analysis
  • Outgassing Analysis
  • Salt Water, Fog, and Fungus Analysis
  • Storage Temperature Analysis
  • Component Radiation Analysis
  • Various Environmental Analysis
  • More!

Complete Product Documentation

One of the most important aspects of design longevity is the associated documentation, and this is something we take very seriously. As we design and integrate your servo drive we keep detailed records, diagrams, and pertinent documents related to the system which you have full access to. Our documentation policy ensures that you have complete access to quality information regarding your servo drive.

Design Reviews & Analysis Before Delivery

The final performance of your servo drive will ultimately depend on many complex factors. Our goal is to analyze these factors, and identify opportunities to increase efficiency and create an ideal solution for your application. Our engineers will carefully review the initial designs prior to delivery, adding modifications and suggestions when applicable. We won’t simply build you a sub-par servo drive, we will work closely with you to reduce cost and increase performance!

‐ Engineering Design Reviews Include:
  • System Requirements Review (SRS)
  • Preliminary Design Review (PDR)
  • Critical Design Review (CDR)
  • Manufacturing Readiness Review (MRR)
  • Test Readiness Review (TRR)
  • Flight Readiness Review (FLR)

Our Approach To Obsolescence Management

As technology and manufacturing progress, hardware and software of any kind will eventually become obsolete. ESI Motion has taken measures to keep our servo drives flexible to give them increased lifespan and adaptability. Our engineers have carefully balanced specific modular components without sacrificing durability, allowing us to manufacture drives with impressive service life expectations.

‐ Our approach to obsolescence management includes:
  • Design for Obsolescence
  • Obsolescence Management Plan
  • Obsolescence Reviews
  • Proactive Monitoring & Updates

Our long-term design focus fits hand-in-hand with the comprehensive design phase, and our engineers will actively plan for your servo drive to provide many years of dependable service!

Creating Equally Dependable Software

The software used to test, monitor, and run this hardware must be equally resiliant and easy to use. ESI works carefully to create straight-forward interfaces without sacrificing power and control.

‐ Software Program Deliverables Include:
  • Software Development Plan
  • Software Quality Plan
  • Software & Interface Requirement Specification
  • Software Interface Design
  • Software Test Plan
  • Software Test Description
  • Software Test Report
  • Software Version Description
  • GUI User Manual

Requirement Validation

  • Requirements Validation Matrix
  • Acceptance Test Procedure (ATP)
  • Qualification Test Procedures (QTP)
  • Verification Test Data Package (TDP)

Quality Control Services

  • Source Inspection
  • Internal Audits
  • Component Traceability
  • Counterfeit Parts Avoidance
  • First Article Inspection Report
  • Acceptance Test Reports
  • Certification of Conformance

Final System Integration & Onsite Support

Finally, ESI provides integration assistance and follow-up support for all systems, ensuring that your applications continues to perform efficiently throughout its lifetime. Each application or project is fully tested and monitored, and any integration issues are immedately addressed for problem free operation following final production.

Configuration & Debugging Procedures Include:
  • Sensorless Control Configuration
  • System Integration with Client Test Asset at an ESI Facility
  • System Integration at Client Site
  • System Level Debugging and Defect Management
  • System Level Architecture Support

Put ESI’s Engineering Team On Your Side

ESI's engineers are committed to client service, and we’re excited to help you design and build your ideal servo drive. We have made it our mission not only to build great hardware, but also to build lasting relationships with you and ensure that you have the tools and resources to keep your applications running smoothly!


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