DC Motors Below Nominal Voltage

At ESI Motion, we are proud leaders in the motor control industry. Our ruggedized, high-power servo drives and servo drive modules are reinforced to provide world-class performance in the most extreme operating environments, allowing for precision and power anywhere from the bottom of the ocean to the vacuum of space. We adhere to the strictest standards in quality control and customer service, and our products are trusted by the largest governments and corporations in the world for mission-critical applications. No servo drive is complete without a motor, and many engineers or operators of motor control systems may wonder if it's problematic to run a DC motor below its nominal voltage. To answer this question, we must first understand a few key variables about DC motors.

What Is Nominal Voltage?

There are a few key variables to keep in mind when evaluating a DC motor to understand its performance: nominal voltage, stall torque, and no-load speed. These terms are defined as follows:

  • Nominal Voltage: The manufacturer-recommended voltage at which to operate the motor. Most DC motors come with a recommended range of voltages, but the nominal voltage is the voltage that the motor was built to operate at.
  • No-Load Speed: This is the speed the motor will turn when run at nominal voltage with no load (i.e. no resistance to rotation).
  • Stall Torque: The maximum amount of torque the motor will produce at nominal voltage, named so because it only occurs when the motor is stalled and not turning.

At nominal voltage, the no-load speed and stall torque of a DC motor exist at opposite ends of a continuum. On one end, the motor runs without a load and thus spins as quickly as possible: its no-load speed. At the other, the motor does not spin and produces the maximum possible amount of torque on the load: its stall torque.

What Happens When Running a DC Motor at Lower Than Nominal Voltage?

The simple answer to this question is that a DC motor run below its nominal voltage will be capable of a slower no-load speed and a lower stall torque. Running a DC motor below nominal voltage generally will not cause any problems with the motor. If anything, the motor will last longer because it won't be subject to the same level of stress (from heat, friction, and general wear) as it is when running at the full nominal voltage.

The same thinking can be applied to a fully ruggedized servo drive. Our fully ruggedized servo drives adhere to military-grade standards and can operate in the harshest of environments, withstanding extreme temperatures, extreme pressures, high vibration, and corrosive chemicals. However, running the servo drive at room temperature will not cause a problem. The servo drive will operate just as well. Similarly, a DC motor run below nominal voltage will turn slower and produce less heat during operation, but that in no way damages the motor.

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Running a DC motor below its nominal voltage may make sense in a variety of engineering situations and applications, but for ideal performance in a motor control system, nothing beats a high-performance servo drive. At ESI Motion, we've been supplying industries ranging from space exploration to deep sea drilling with powerful, rugged servo drives built to last in any environment. Contact us today to find out more about our products and how we can help your next motor control system exceed your expectations.

What Does It Mean To Be an AS9100C Certified Company

ESI Motion, designs and manufactures extreme world-class, ruggedized servo drives that operate in environments ranging from deserts to below freezing temperatures. Our servo drives and modules are designed to withstand the harshest environments while delivering uncompromising power and speed. We strive to reach an unparalleled level of quality in everything we do. ESI Motion is proud to be an AS9100C Certified company, which means you can expect a gold standard of quality in every product we provide.

About AS9100C Certification

The AS9100C certification is a standardized system of quality management intended for the aerospace and defense industries. The certification takes a multi-faceted approach to quality, applying a relentless standard for company products, customer service and internal processes. Achieving AS9100C certification means that a company consistently provides products that meet or exceed both customer expectations and all industry and regulatory standards, while also using customer feedback to continually optimize internal processes and improve customer satisfaction.

At ESI Motion, we are proud of our AS9100C Certificate, but we see it as a minimum standard. From our smallest Mighty Mite drive to our high-powered Hyperion series, we are committed to achieving a gold standard in quality for every product we make. In addition to the AS9100C standard, we also follow principles from Six Sigma and Total Quality Management philosophies by focusing on continuous improvement, focusing on the benefits to the customer, and striving for zero defects in our manufacturing processes. In addition to the unmatched quality of our products, we take the time to work with each customer individually, often designing fully customized turnkey solutions for unique applications.

Experience the Power of AS9100C-Certified Products

We are proud of the quality of our products, but to fully understand the time, work, and care we put into our servo drives, you need to test them for yourself. Our servo drives and modules bring unmatched power density and performance into the most rugged operating environments in the solar system, and our drives are trusted by the largest companies and governments in the world. If you would like to experience the quality of ESI Motion servo drives for yourself, we encourage you to call us at 800.823.3235 or reach out to us at our contact page to start discussing your servo drive needs.

What is a Single Axis Servo Drive Module

At ESI Motion, we work hard to design some of the most rugged, reliable, and powerful servo drive modules in the world. Our products range from palm-sized single-axis drives to full-size drives with unmatched power outputs, and ESI Motion drives regularly excel in the most extreme, rugged operating environments on Earth and in space. While many applications require a robust servo drive capable of supplying enormous power and electrical speed, in other cases, size and space efficiency are chief concerns. In those situations, single axis servo drive modules are powerful solutions.

Simplified Functionality for Increased Efficiency

A single-axis servo drive module is a servo drive designed to control only one servomotor. This means that a single axis drive lacks the flexibility to operate multiple motors simultaneously, but it allows for improved space efficiency and productivity. Single axis drives are commonly used in robotics, aeronautics, and other applications where space efficiency is a primary concern.

ESI Motion's Single Axis Mite

At ESI Motion, we work hard to design one of the most powerful, reliable single axis servo drive modules in the world. Our Single Axis Mite combines extreme power with unparalleled size efficiency, all in a ruggedized chassis that can withstand extreme and hazardous operating environments. The Single Axis Mite is capable of outputting up to 2 kW of power at an electrical speed of up to 75,000 RPM and can withstand ambient temperatures ranging from -55º to 100º C. It packs all of this power into a remarkable size, weighing only 1.46 oz (41.5g) and with dimensions of 2" x 1.76" x.77". Truly, the Single Axis Mite provides extreme power and performance in the palm of your hand.

Tackle Your Engineering Challenges with ESI Motion

Whether you need superlative power density and space efficiency or unbeatable speed and ruggedization, ESI Motion has a solution that perfectly suits your needs. We are proud to serve the most advanced governments and corporations in the world, and our servo drive and servo drive modules regularly operate in a variety of industries. To find out more about our products or begin discussing your next project, please feel free to call us at 800.823.3235 or contact our Engineering Team.

All You Need to Know About ESI Motion's Hardware & Software

At ESI Motion, we create the highest quality servo drives on the market, engineering unmatched power density and unparalleled reliability and performance in extreme operating environments. However, we understand that a quality piece of hardware is pointless without intuitive, easy control. Our engineers work hard to design control software with generous options for customization, complete control over our servo drives, and a simple, easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) to operate each of our servo drives.

About Our Control System Software

Our control system software is a fully-mature software platform that has been meticulously designed, developed, and iterated over thousands of user test hours. Over the lifetime of the software, we've worked to hone an intuitive user interface and endless options for control and customization for the end user. Our software platform seamlessly integrates with all of our products, giving you complete control over every drive ranging from our micro-sized Single Axis Mite to our high-speed, high-power Hyperion Drive Line.

We design software that balances feature-rich capability with intuitive ease and speed of use. Our software includes:

  • Thousands of variable options for any application
  • A variety of built-in tests so you can be sure your drive is functioning optimally
  • A configurable run panel so you can see the data you need most at a glance
  • Oscilloscope data capture for precision and accuracy
  • Controllable via CAN or USB
  • Compatible with Labview for seamless integration into your organization

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Combined with our world-class high power density servo drives, ESI Motion's proprietary software control system gives you unlimited control over your motor control system. If you have any questions about our software, our products, or would like to learn more about ESI Motion, we encourage you to call us today at 800.823.3235 or contact us! As an industry leader in ruggedized servo drives with peerless customer service, we look forward to helping you take your motor control systems to the next level.

ESI Motion's Customer Service Philosophy

Customer service has played an essential role in the philosophy and practice of ESI Motion since our very first days as a company. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of our business, and we will settle for nothing but the highest standard of customer service: we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on every project we work on. Across all of our product lines and all the industries that we serve, we maintain a peerless commitment to our customers that has earned us recognition as an outstanding example of customer service dedication among Fortune 500 companies.

Six Sigma Customer Satisfaction

We are dedicated to settling for nothing but the best in customer service, and to achieve our goal of 100% customer satisfaction, we use the Six Sigma methodology in our customer service practice. Six Sigma offers us a framework for maximizing customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, helping us to eliminate lapses in customer satisfaction and ensure that every customer we serve is fully satisfied. Through careful methodology, consistent measurement, and continuous iteration and improvement, we seek to become world leaders in customer satisfaction.

Customer Service in All We Do

Customer service is not simply a division of our company: it is our state of mind. We strive to incorporate customer service into every aspect of our business, beginning in the design and ideation phase and carrying through to final delivery of the product. We focus on innovation and serving customer needs in our design process, helping us create elegant, effective solutions for each individual customer. Furthermore, we strive for zero defects in all of our products so that when you purchase a servo drive from ESI Motion, you can count on it to function at optimum capacity from the very first day in operation.

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ESI Motion's servo drives are trusted in industries and applications ranging from high-pressure deep-sea drilling to Mars rovers, and we strive to create superior quality products in all of our servo drive lines. If you are interested in finding out more about our products or want to discuss how ESI Motion can optimize your next project, we encourage you to call us today at 800.823.3235 or reach out to us through our contact page.

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