ESI Motion at the 21st Annual NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small Business Supplier Fair

On May 2nd of this year, ESI Motion was proud to attend the 21st Annual Small Business Supplier Fair by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The fair took place at JPL's campus in Pasadena, CA and was an opportunity for the small businesses playing critical roles as key suppliers of the JPL to come together to exhibit products and network with other businesses serving the aerospace industry. ESI Motion was excited to showcase it's servo drive and servo module products, known across the world for top-of-the-line performance and peerless resistance to even the most extreme operating environments.

Space exploration and the space industry present some of the most difficult engineering challenges in human history, and ESI Motion is proud to create products that meet these challenges. ESI Motion servo drives combine innovative design, high power-density, and unmatched ruggedization, making them ideal for the space industry. Space missions require an absolute minimum in both weight and dimensional footprint, making ESI Motion drives the perfect candidates.

Few operational environment put the same range and degree of stress on engineering components. Space systems must deal with immense G-forces, extreme temperatures, and vast shifts in atmospheric pressure, all while maintaining optimal performance under stress. ESI Motion's space-ready designs ensure that our drives and modules perform flawlessly in the most difficult operating environments, and we are proud to provide reliable products for public and private space systems.

The JPL Small Business Supplier Fair brings together a variety of small engineering services businesses from all across the country who contribute to the JPL's ongoing missions and research. Along with the other exhibitors, ESI Motion was proud to celebrate its contribution to the JPL and its critical role in the furthering of the US space industry.

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