ESI Motion's Scorpion Driving Your High Power Applications

Simi Valley, CA – December 6, 2015 - ESI Motion, a global leader in rugged control technology, is proud to announce its new high power servo drive module, the Scorpion. 

Dependable Power

This high power servo drive module series is ideal for power hungry military, aviation, automotive, robotic, and specialized industrial applications where size and weight are critical. Its bus voltage range of 100V to 865V is paramount for that higher power actuator, motor, or compressor that requires extreme durability in a compact size. The Scorpion is packaged in a potted plastic case, in line with ESI’s ruggedized fully integrated drives and module products.

Feature Rich

The Scorpion servo drive module series has a multitude of feedback options including, Sensorless, Encoder, Resolver, Hall, and BiSS-C. We are able to accommodate your system requirements with OTS configurations. Feature highlights of this line include its wide temperature range –40ºC to 71ºC standard and –55ºC to 100ºC (extended), compact size 2.6” D x 4” W x 1.8” H, high power density up to 80A for military and aerospace applications, multiple input and output channels, numerous built-in tests, and configurable user friendly GUI.

About ESI

ESI Motion, headquartered in Simi Valley, CA, US is a global leader in cutting-edge servo drive technology for extreme environments. We design and manufacture rugged, high performance motor control products for military and specialized industrial applications.

ESI Motion’s management blends together cutting-edge technology with world-class best practices and execution. With years of industry experience, the management team formed ESI Motion in 2004 to focus exclusively on next generation rugged motor controllers.

Designed for military and specialized industrial applications, our fully integrated servo drive lines offer the most robust configurations. Available with military grade connectors and submersible cases, our Dragon, Vulcan, and Roadwind lines offer lightweight, versatile plug and play capabilities for rapid deployment and integration. For systems that demand adaptable, lower-cost drives that can still function in high speed and high temperature environments, our Wolverine Line drives achieve the perfect balance of efficiency and reliability. These “plug and play” servo drives offer a wide range of configurations, shock and vibration resistance, and incredible speed and temperature tolerance. When projects have specific needs in terms of high speed and high power, our Hyperion Line really excel above the rest! Used on Formula One and other high power applications, these drives are a true achievement in engineering and provide incredible power at incredibly compact size and weight. It is the only ruggedized high power drive you can lift with one hand available on the market today.

The ESI Motion team is AS9100C certified and committed to working in collaboration with our partners and stakeholders to deliver the highest-quality products for our customers. ESI Motion follows strict quality management and documentation processes, six sigma process improvement methodology, and industry standard project management practices. These practices along with ESI Motion’s highly specialized technology allow us to consistently deliver on-time, high-quality products that exceed customer expectations.

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