Superior Products for Robotic Applications

Robotics are an important part of many different fields in today’s world. A wide range of modern devices are driven by robotic systems, which require advanced technical performance from all system components. ESI develops servo drives with control capabilities that make them ideal for a number of robotic applications. From assembly lines and lunar surfaces, the environmental demands have driven ESI engineers to create a range of products that are capable of delivering the performance required by the most advanced laboratories, workshops, and beyond. The support our team is able to provide further helps robotics engineers develop the exceptional systems for today’s most advanced applications.

Engineering Accuracy, Reliability, and Durability

Robotic Rover An Example Of Extreme Servo Drives In Use

Capable of withstanding temperatures between -40° C and 71° C in the standard design, our servo drives are exceptionally well suited to extremely demanding robotic system applications. These systems are characterized by the need for three qualities in particular: accuracy, reliability, and durability.

  • Accuracy: Systems tasked with consistently producing accurate results, such as assembly lines and power systems, have to be created with components that have been developed to perform at an exacting level. Our products range from 1 KW to 100KW, so finding the servo drive that delivers the results you require is simple. Our drives utilize highly accurate sensorless, resolver, encoder, Hall and BiSS feedback options for dependable, precise operations.
  • Reliability: System components also have to be exceptionally reliable, so that consistency is maintained throughout the life of the entire system. Our servo drives combine high performance capabilities with high power compatibility for a high efficiency design that also offers reliable operation.
  • Durability: These system components must be highly durable to withstand the high vibration, high temperature environments and other factors with extreme environmental conditions. ESI has developed servo drives that are sealed to IP67 standards, and so are suitable for both outdoor and indoor applications. Flexible configuration options are compatible with DC Brushless, Brushed, and Induction motors and BLAC induction.

Applications Around the World & The Universe

Robotics is a field with international attention; leading engineers in many countries are focused on developing locomotion, precision actuation, and other advanced applications. Gaining an edge in this competitive field is often tied to the components selected for system development. The support that ESI’s engineering team can provide to clients also makes us a natural choice for laboratories and research facilities working in this fast-paced industry. Our attention to detail, technical expertise, and commitment to customer service and support has made ESI a leader in the provision of servo drives for robotic applications.

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