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Industrial applications and manufacturing plants need to have access to a wide range of specialized equipment, including machine components. ESI is pleased to supply servo drives designed specifically for a wide range of industrial and manufacturing applications. Our reputation for developing superior components and providing exceptional support makes us uniquely qualified to provide our clients solutions built to exacting specifications. Industrial engineers, contractors, and laboratories continue to count on ESI’s team to provide components that are highly dependable, precisely crafted, and extremely ruggedized to satisfy the nature of these demanding environments.

A Better Design for Industry

A servo drive for manufacturing applications must stand up to the demands of long operational hours, performing repeated functions in harsh environments. Components that drive these functions have to the engineered from the ground up with these parameters in mind. ESI has worked closely with many manufacturing and industrial companies to develop solutions that exceed the demands and expectations of our clients. With flexible configuration, high efficiency, and a wide product range, ESI ensure industrial applications are able to perform to an even higher standard.

Providing the Perfect Components

Servo drive components can be used in many different applications, including industrial refrigeration, antenna stabilization, high efficiency fans and pumps, and much more. Our engineers are sensitive to the concerns affecting manufacturing and industrial applications. We have created products that offer unmatched reliability in a range of different conditions. These are just some of the concerns affecting industrial manufacturing applications:

  • Environmental conditions: The high temperatures associated with mining, metallurgy, and similar industries require that exceptionally rugged components that will continue to perform with accuracy and dependability. Our standard products operate at extreme temperatures and are sealed to IP67 for outdoor applications.
  • High power: Turbines and generators are power-intensive systems that require components capable of withstanding these demanding conditions. The servo drives developed by ESI are ideal for these and other high power systems.
  • Component durability: Demanding environmental conditions and the materials present in workshops, manufacturing lines, and other industrial settings can take a significant toll on the integrity of machine components. Selecting components designed to deliver a higher standard of durability will help ensure your operation is supported at every stage.
  • Component reliability: Servo drives have to deliver accurate performance each and every time. Resolver, encoder, and sensorless feedback with high accuracy deliver reliable results.

Find Out How ESI Can Help Your Industry Today

ESI engineers work closely with each client to deliver support at every stage. We are pleased to offer technical solutions perfectly suited for even the most demanding industrial settings. Contact us today by calling 800.823.3235.


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