Precision Servo Drives and Modules for Improved Energy Production Solutions

The need for affordable energy, efficient solutions, is a global need like never before. Companies around the world are developing innovative approaches to energy generation, including improved extraction techniques. The Oil and Gas industries utilize some of the most specialized equipment currently available to extract the greatest amount of resources at ever-increasing rates of efficiency. They are looking for ways to streamline energy production through the use of equipment designed with a perfect balance of specialized technology and dynamic application. The most imperative equipment used in the Oil and Gas industry use servo drive systems. These solutions execute operations precisely and repeatedly without expanding too much energy. A motor control system designed by ESI Motion is prepared to stand up to the harshest operating conditions and exacting performance parameters.

The Need for Increased Performance

Oil and Gas extraction have never been easy tasks and today a range of additional concerns challenge companies to come with a host of new solutions. Extraction also takes place under extreme conditions. We develop servo drives that are capable of standing up to extreme conditions such as:

  • Temperatures of -40° - 71° C (Optional expansion to a range of -55° - 100° C)
  • Electrical speed up to 75,000 RPM
  • Peak current of 65 – 80 amps
  • Vibrating environments

Clients can choose from rugged, semi-rugged, and industrial packaging options. This allows for greater precision in system design.

Work With a Team That Understands Your Requirements

ESI Motion engineers have helped military, industrial and specialized application leaders around the world develop technical solutions perfectly suited for their particular needs. If you are looking for specialized products, or if you need assistance selecting the drive best suited to your particular project, our team will assist you.

Servo Components Designed for Heavy Duty Scenarios

OilGasThe people employed by today’s oil and gas industry are exceptionally hard working, and they rely on equally hard working, heavy duty, equipment at every stage of energy production. Oil and gas extraction, processing, refinement, transport, and delivery to customers require equipment capable of performing under harsh environmental conditions and demanding production schedules. ESI is pleased to provide the oil and gas industry servos to energy production companies and laboratories. We have worked closely with our clients to develop the kind of heavy-duty components these industries require.

Drilling, Extraction, Pumping, and More

Servos in the energy industry must be capable of working in systems that perform a wide range of functions. The equipment used by the oil and gas industry accomplish tasks such as:

  • Horizontal, vertical, and directional drilling
  • Controlling artificial lift pumps
  • Cabling items of equipment into wells and other workspaces
  • Recording and transmitting measurement data obtained during operation

Servos are present on tractors, drills, and completion tools as well as sensitive logging and measurement equipment. This makes them critical components of many of the most important systems within these particular extraction industries. The servo drives selected for inclusion on these systems must be capable of delivering the kind of performance these industries require. Components must also be able to stand up to harsh conditions that have the potential to change without warning.

Safeguarding Company Interests

In many ways, the equipment utilized by a company protects the interests of that organization by delivering dependable and efficient operation. However, the systems utilizing servos in the energy industry represent a significant investment both in terms of present system infrastructure and in operational output. The failure of any system component jeopardizes the entire operation, which can result in expensive and time-consuming recovery operations. Managers and other business decision makers must report on these failures to stakeholders, which can further slow down projected timelines. The selection of system components has significance above and beyond direct functional considerations.

Helping Companies Develop Dependable Systems

The engineering of a dependable system begins with the selection of components capable of performing to the operational requirements. Our team of engineers has worked closely with companies and laboratories seeking oil and gas industry servos capable of withstanding the kind of conditions associated with this work. ESI offers ruggedization levels capable of withstanding -41° C to 71° C, vibration and shock endurance, and 65 – 300 Amps continuous output.

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