Developing Defense Grade Servo Drives

Engineering advanced military and defense solutions is a pressing need in today’s world. Gaining the edge in global conflicts stems as much from technological superiority as sheer strength. Defense contractors, military laboratories, and other engineering organizations require materials and components that provide consistent and dependable operation. These parts must also meet an exacting standard of quality, performance, and functionality in order to safeguard the lives of our nation’s armed forces. ESI has worked with military and defense engineers for many years and we are proud to manufacture servo drives that meet or exceed the requirements of defense applications. An ESI military grade servo drive features ruggedized packaging and off-the-shelf availability for extreme performance in any application.

Exceptional Servo Drives Offer Engineering Solutions

Military Grade Servo Drives From ESI Motion

ESI servo drives are designed from the very start to comply with a wide range of military specifications. Our drives feature a number of advantages that make these components especially appropriate for defense applications. These advantages include:

  • Compact size – Many defense applications require exceptionally small servo drives to deliver uncompromising performance and accuracy. ESI can develop drives that satisfy the parameters of client applications to deliver components that precisely meet your needs.
  • Lightweight design – Military applications often need to remain light and easily mobile. We utilize the most sophisticated materials and processes to deliver incredibly lightweight drives in a range of sizes.
  • High accuracy resolver feedback – Component accuracy ensures reliable performance in even the most demanding environments.
  • Wide operational temperature range – Standard drives are designed to operate from -40° C to 71° C, and our custom operational range is extended from -55° C to 100° C.
  • Supports system-critical functions – For virtually any defense or military product, failure can be catastrophic. ESI technicians and engineers are familiar with the demanding nature of defense applications, and build our solutions to be suitable for system-critical use. This makes us uniquely qualified to deliver components that will support highly sensitive systems in defense and beyond.

Maintaining the Certification Standard

The AS9100C certification process helps ensure accurate documentation and a higher level of quality assessment. Complying with the standards set by this process helps ensure consistency throughout every stage of engineering, design, and delivery. ESI is very familiar with the AS9100C process and will provide all necessary support for this process in every system we design and manufacture.

Delivering a Higher Level of Quality and Performance

ESI is pleased to bring a legacy of technical excellence to the fulfillment of our customer’s distinct needs. Our comprehensive approach to problem solving allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions as well as exceptional engineering support to many different fields, including military and defense. Contact the ESI Engineering team today by calling 800.823.3235.


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