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other projectsEngineers working in the aerospace industry are tasked with solving problems that have resisted many of the most advanced problem-solving efforts in science thus far. Conditions in Earth’s upper atmosphere, in outer space, and on landscapes such as those found on Mars and the moon present a range of challenging concerns. From extreme temperatures and pressures to rigorous performance requirements, engineers are faced with a range of challenges that must be addressed with superior technical solutions. Aerospace servo drives are one example of standard system components that have been strategically improved for inclusion in some of the world’s most advanced pieces of equipment.

New Worlds Require New Solutions

The equipment developed for use in aerospace applications is designed for performance in some of the most demanding environments ever explored. While each piece of equipment is designed to fulfill a very particular set of performance tasks within highly specific operating parameters, there are nonetheless several factors that must be accounted for when developing the systems that power these pieces of equipment. These factors can include:

  • Extreme heat and cold, as well as rapid temperature fluctuation
  • Extreme atmospheric pressure
  • Low gravity and excessive gravity
  • Prolonged operational conditions
  • Highly precise functions repeated at great speed and frequency
  • The need for highly dependable system operation
  • Size and weight restrictions

ESI has worked with many leading aerospace engineers to develop innovative product solutions that precisely meet the unique operating parameters of individual systems. Our team works closely with clients to deliver components that allow for the development of innovative systems. We deliver the solutions the aerospace field requires.

High Performance at Every Stage

Many different pieces of highly specialized equipment are utilized within the aerospace industry. Everything from the dynamic Mars rovers to the delicate probes and robotic arms on space shuttles has to be capable of an exceptionally high level of performance. Aerospace servo drives help power some of these sophisticated systems. These drives have been selected especially for their capacity for highly precise operations, speed, energy efficiency, and outstanding dependability. With the ability to interface with a range of popular control systems and the availability of multiple levels of ruggedization, the servo drive components available from ESI have been selected for inclusion in some of the most technically advanced systems working today, including military and defense.

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