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ESI Motion Engineering, Design & Manufacturing

Rugged Servo Drives For Extreme Environments

ESI Motion is a global leader in high performance servo drive technology, specializing in harsh environments and mission critical applications. Our US based team designs and manufactures the most rugged and high power density motor control products available on the market today. Our products are used in defense, aerospace, naval, energy, automotive, robotics and specialized industrial applications.

Servo Drives & Control Systems

A Rugged Servo Control From ESI Motion

ESI Motion offers both off-the-shelf and customized high performance, rugged servo drives and control systems tailored fit to our client’s specific requirements. From simple drive modules to complex and integrated systems, we have a solution for you:

  • Servo Drives
  • Control Systems
  • Energy Recovery Systems
  • Stabilization Control Modules
  • Actuator Systems
  • Power Conversion

Control System Hardware

ESI offers both fully integrated ruggedized drives and individual servo drive modules to service a wide variety of applications and market needs. Fully integrated drives include all control functions to support for a more “plug and play” approach. Modules are helpful for building a uniquely packaged control system.
All our drives and modules are generally:

  • 2-10X smaller than other market drives
  • Modular in design
  • Able to withstand harsh environments

Control System Software

All ESI control products include a fully mature software platform with user-friendly GUI fielded over thousands of hours. This embedded software platform and GUI is common on all our product platforms and provides an extensive amount of user test capability.

  • Thousands of Variable Options
  • Numerous Built-in Tests
  • Configurable Run Panel
  • Oscilloscope Data Capture
  • Controllable over CAN or USB
  • Compatible with Labview

Full Service In-House Engineering Team

Our full-service in-house engineering team provides quick responses to support a number of program activities including:

  • Design Reviews
  • Engineering Analysis
  • Program Documentation
  • Environmental Qualification
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Testing and Integration
  • Obsolescence Management
  • Customizations

Servo Drive Applications & Common Uses

Servo drives are common and appear in everything from remote coffee pots and air conditioners to tanks and satellites. If it moves, it likely has a servo drive in it. What sets ESI Motion products apart is their high performance and reliability even in incredibly harsh conditions. Unlike other servo drives and control systems on the market, our products function in wide temperature range, high power and high-speed applications. Our products are used in a multitude of military, aerospace, naval, space, and racecar vehicles to name a few. Our clients often require a level of reliability and performance that industrial drives simply cannot offer. In situations where failure can cost millions and risk lives, companies know they can depend on ESI Motion.

What Can ESI Motion Do For You?

If you need a bulletproof servo drive or control solution, let us know your project requirements, and our team will help you choose the best solution for your needs. Find out first-hand what makes ESI Motion a global leader in extreme servo technology, and learn more about our cutting edge product lines!

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